Zero Waste Resource List …

This resource list is australia based but a number of the resources are from overseas too.

Here are some resource’s to check out, follow on social media, get inspired and help you make some simple changes that will have an impact whether you see it straight away or not…


Hash tags #zerowaste #zerowasteliving #lowwasteliving #plasticfree #zerowastecleaning #zerowastechristmas #zerowastechallenge #

  • say_no_to_waste_nz – Zero waste account for new Zealand  
  • zerowastehome – How to go zero waste at home
  • zerowasteinspo – Inspiration and ideas for a zero waste life
  • zerowastechef – Zero waste cooking
  • zerowaste.japan – Zero waste account for Japan
  • zerowastebali – Zero waste account for Bali
  • zerowasteguy – Zero waste project manager L.A.
  • zerowaste_munster – Zero waster based in Germany
  • zerowasteclub – Online Plastic Free organic store based in the UK
  • zerowastenerd – zero waste/ low waste living in Kanas City, MO
  • zerowastechica – personal blogger based in California
  • shisodelicious – bento box lunches/ zero waste lunches
  • zerowasteclassroom – zero waste, project based learning for children


  • Zero waste beauty Australia
  • Zero waste
  • Zero waste Victoria
  • Sustainability Victoria
  • BendiGo Zero Waste
  • Treading My Own Path
  • The Rouge Ginger
  • Gippsland Unwrapped
  • Compost Revolution
  • Goodsmiths
  • Zero waste Swan Hill
  • Environmental education Victoria
  • Boomerange Bags


  • Zero waste Victoria (Australia)
  • Zero Waste Westies (Melbourne’s western suburbs)
  • Zero waste freebies
  • Gippsland Unwrapped Group
  • Zero-Waste Down Under
  • Zero Waste Tasmania
  • Zero-Waste Vegans
  • Zero waste + Plastic Free Living Perth WA
  • Zero Waste Shepparton group
  • Zero-Waste DIY Journeys
  • Going Zero Waste Group
  • Zero Waste Beauty
  • Zero Waste Aussie
  • Zero Waste student living




Tip: find a local co-op, community garden & food swap (home grown produce swap)


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